KGAL Investment Management

Excellence in asset management

KGAL Investment Management combines all the KGAL Group asset categories as the regulated investment management company for KGAL.

A wholly owned subsidiary, KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG assumes the role of managing new funds in the real estate, infrastructure and aircraft sectors.

KGAL Investment Management specialises in identifying attractive opportunities in real estate, aircraft and infrastructure and offering them to institutional investors, foundations and family offices for investment. After purchasing the assets, we focus on maintaining and optimising their profitability with professional asset management and then profitable sales.

KGAL Investment Management's portfolio managers are there as the first contact for investors, and their primary objective is to guarantee the fund performance promised to the investor.

The management

Michael Ebner
Spokesman of the executive board

Michael Ebner is in charge of the Infrastructure division, Human Resources, Structuring and Marketing & Communications.

Dr Martin Baranowski

Dr Martin Baranowski is responsible for Risk Management as well as for Fund Controlling, Outsourcing, Audit, Legal and Compliance.

Jochen Hörger

Jochen Hörger is responsible for Aviation, Finance , Controlling and Tax.

André Zücker

André Zücker is responsible for Real Estate , IT, Sales and Strategic Research.