KGAL Group flagship assets

Real estate

A deep level of asset expertise and market knowledge is required for solid investments in core real estate. KGAL Group’s focus on selected, future-proof locations has been very successful for many years.

Allianz Arena, Munich

Partial financing of Allianz Arena. Private investor equity was used to partially finance the total investment costs of the extraordinary stadium. Following a successful sale, the capital was returned to the investors ahead of time in 2009 with a series of special repayments and capital distributions.

Office properties

Successful, long-term office investment relies not only on good property location, but also on a good positioning and credit-worthy tenants, e.g.: the public fund „Deutschland 4 Städte Portfolio“ for office properties. Fund volume around EUR 140 Mio with assets in Bremen, Essen, Leipzig, Stuttgart.

Investments in commercial buildings:
250 properties with an investment volume of more than EUR 8.5 billion.

Retail parks in Austria

Investments in selected retail parks throughout Austria achieve a wide level of diversification by incorporating a variety of different regions and a balanced mix of sectors and tenants.

Investments in retail parks:
10 objects with an investment volume of EUR 150 million.

City district centres and commercial properties

Properties with ideal public transport connection and high level of footfall, e. g. Pasinger Hofgärten in Munich: Around 19,300 m² of commercial space: office and meeting areas, retail, gastronomy, public underground parking, etc.