KGAL Group flagship assets


KGAL Group is one of the largest and most experienced renewable energy providers in Germany based on the inventory and invested equity.

Perleberg photovoltaics facility

The Perleberg facility is a split facility with a total output of 35 MWp. One half was constructed for one of KGAL Group’s institutional funds, while the other was built for a retail fund. The facility is located on the grounds of a former military airport in the vicinity of Perleberg, halfway between Berlin and Hamburg. The facility has given a long-term purpose to the site once again.

Langwedel wind farm

The wind farm in Langwedel (Lower Saxony) was acquired by the ESPF 2 fund in 2011. It is made up of Vestas V90 (2 MW) wind turbines with a total output of 20 MW. The farm is one of the first in Germany with a hub height of 125 m. This ensures that the wind flows evenly, reduces the load on the facility’s technology and increases power production.

Tailored renewable energy portfolio

KGAL Group has set up a single account with a volume of EUR 230 million for an institutional investor. The account is invested in renewable energy producing infrastructure. At present, it has already made successful investments with a volume of EUR 183 million in German and French wind farms and solar parks.

Mixed renewable funds

The European Sustainable Power Fund 2 (ESPF 2), which provides institutional investors with a diversified portfolio of wind and solar power, was closed after reaching its maximum equity volume of EUR 500 million within a year. The fund has up to EUR 1 billion available for investment in suitable objects, 50% of which is borrowed capital.